Our Production

We like to define Tresoldi&Casiraghi as "an operating heart to compete in the world", because in our company production strategies are transformed into the best technical construction solutions for industrial engineering.

We constantly invest in innovative tools, technologies and machinery to successfully meet the needs of new generations of national and international customers. In addition, with professionalism, precision and order, we ensure the ideal conditions to make the difference between a project and an excellent one.

Dynamic and flexible, we are able to cope with a broad spectrum of orders, even managing continuous supplies over time.


What we do

Tresoldi&Casiraghi is at the forefront of quality in several market sectors, such as the construction of medium and heavy mechanical steelwork, high pressure skids and industrial process machinery.

An important area of our specialisation is the design, manufacture and testing of pressure equipment in compliance with the PED directive and ASME standards.

We also employ skilled personnel in welding, bending, punching and assembly. Welding, in particular, is performed by personnel in possession of TIG - MIG - MAG - ELECTRODE licences.

Finally, we issue certificates of mechanical tests and certificates of non-destructive testing.

Activities & orders

Our network of trusted subcontractors allows us to manage a job order as a prime contractor and ensure its quality, in accordance with our customers' specific requirements. Here are some examples of activities and job orders we execute on behalf of third parties:

  • Autoclaves for industrial processes;
  • Flue/water/air treatment plants;
  • Industrial thermal heating systems;
  • Rice hydrothermal processing boilers;
  • Industrial process automation;
  • Medium-heavy metal carpentry;
  • Grinding plants complete with loading and unloading hoppers;
  • Pressure equipment certified according to the PED directive;
  • Stainless steel floculating plants from 6mc to 140mc;
  • Metal surface treatment machinery;
  • Liquid displacement tanks from 10mc;
  • Production of ballistic sheet metal parts and bodies for armoured vehicles for the E.I;
  • Construction of armoured vehicles and valuables carriers;
  • Maintenance and repair of self-propelled operating machines;
  • Construction and/or regeneration for incinerator furnace loading buckets;
  • Fitting out assembly lines for PUMA 4x4 and 6x6 armoured vehicles;
  • Fitting out furnishing structures for cruise ships;
  • Outfitting of fire-fighting vehicles for service in airport and petrochemical environments.
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