from 1966

An operational core to compete worldwide.
When one comes to Tresoldi&Casiraghi, one accesses an operational centre where strategies are transformed into the best projects and best technical construction solutions.
Constant investments are made in the most advanced equipment, technologies and machinery, studied and made to successfully meet the requirements of a new generation of customers, both domestic and international.
One can breathe professionalism, accuracy and order which can ensure ideal conditions to focus on details, which make the difference between a project and an excellent project.
One is assisted from the beginning to the end of the operational process.



Some example of jobs executed for our customers:

  • Grinding plant, including loading and unloading hoppers, plant total capacity 400 cubic metres (250,000 kg).
  • Pressure vessels certified according to PED directive.
  • Flocculation plants made of stainless steel from 6 to 140 cubic metres in capacity.
  • Manufacture of machinery for metallic surfaces treatment.
  • 10 cm liquid displacement reservoirs.
  • Manufacture of elements and shells in ballistic steel plates for armored vehicles for the Italian Army.
  • Manufacture of armored vehicles and vans.
  • Maintenance and repair of self-propelled operating machines.
  • Manufacture and/or Regeneration of loading buckets for incinerators.
  • Setup of assembly lines for armored vehicles PUMA 4x4 and 6x6.
  • Setup of furniture in cruise ships.
  • Our production has made various setup of fire engines in airports and in the petrochemical sector, adapting to the various special requirements of customers.
  • Our qualified suppliers’ network allowed us to manage a job as prime contractor, thus ensuring quality and the compliance with our customers’ requirements and our quality assurance system.